A Complete Aluminium Guttering Installation

This was one of our latest rain water gutter jobs located in Surrey England. A local builder was working on a completely bespoke home build who required assistance when it came to the design on the entire guttering system. This unique house in the suburbs of Surrey required aluminium guttering – everything from the fascia, soffit, guttering and downpipes. All of which had to be colour matched to the couple’s architect’s RAL specification.

Bespoke Aluminium Guttering

The Aluminium Guttering Company often works with builders and architects to help design bespoke box ends and apex corners for the fascia along with a custom guttering design. After discussing the requirements with the customer and all involved parties and taking the required measurements onsite, we were then able to manufacture the gutters in house in order to achieve a perfect fit for this unique house build.

The architect’s design of the gutters was that of a sleek modern look to match the look of the windows and doors. A box guttering system was the chosen product in order to achieve the desired aesthetic look. A bonus to a modern appearance with the box guttering is that it is also one of the most cost effective guttering systems available. It is ideal for containing and discharging large rainwater volumes from most buildings. The aluminium box guttering systems are pressed from aluminium sheets, typically with a minimum gauge of 2 millimetres. We also recommend to opt for an internally welded bracket placed in the centre with reduced spacing to ensure added strength in order to cope with snow loading in the UK.

For more information or to discuss a project with The Aluminium Guttering Company, contact them directly for any aluminium guttering queries as I am more than confident that they will be able to help advise.

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