Single Use Disposables

Top Single-Use Disposables You can Pledge Doing Away This Year

The world we live in today is well-aware of the motto –“Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce”. However, with the given rate of increasing waste pollution across the world, it is high time that individuals start taking eco-friendly steps right away. In the light of the changing patterns for the consumption of the natural resources and reducing waste generation, it is time to include another R –Refuse to the list.

Every item that we make use of tends to have an environmental impact on the entire planet. Particularly, the utilization of the single-use disposables including coffee cups, straws, plastic bottles, and so more add immense pressure to the overall environment. As the names of these items indicate, these last only until used and are then, discarded away into waste bins. Eventually, these end up in landfills or ocean beds –living there for hundreds of thousands of years if made out of non-biodegradable materials.

Though single-use disposable items make our life way simpler, it is high time that we consider doing away with the non-biodegradable single-use disposables. Here are some of them for you to consider:

  • Plastic Bottles: From the economic as well as an environmental standpoint, buying plastic water bottles only to throw them after being used makes no sense as a responsible citizen of the planet. Most of these bottles end up in landfills, street corner piles, or even water bodies –causing higher levels of pollution. Plastic is indestructible virtually and will remain in the environment forever. If possible, consider looking out for alternatives to the plastic water bottles. If possible, carry your metal-based or stainless steel water bottle wherever you go.


  • Coffee Cups: Coffee cups tend to be one of the most commonly used single-disposables across the world that create a lot of waste all around. Most of the coffee cups are available in plastic or paper materials that contain a lining of plastic towards making them rigid and waterproof. However, these also cause increasing levels of pollution. You can consider drinking your daily beverage from ceramic or eco-friendly coffee cups available out there, such as those from If possible, maintain a separate cup at your office and home to cut down your individual contributions to environmental pollution.


  • Straws: Every plastic straw that you make use finds its way somewhere in the environment –the land or the ocean bed. Most of the marine life gets killed by the presence of straws that they mistakenly assume for food and consume the same. If you are environmentally-conscious, then you can think about making use of alternative materials to the plastic straws. Whenever possible, say NO to plastic straws and save the planet.


  • Plastic Bags: You can think about making use of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags whenever you go out shopping. If possible, carry a bag along and avoid buying items in plastic bags. This way, you can reduce significantly on your individual contribution to environmental degradation.


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